Selected R&D projects on behalf of INTRAVISION GROUP subsidiaries

2013 – active

Modular Food Production, Kuwait

CESRF University of Guelp, (KISR) Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research.

Development of modular high density plant production system for food security in Kuwait.




2011 – active


Innovative Technologies in Challenging Environments CESRF UoGuelph / COM DEV / CSA NSERC CRD.Development of LED STAR light systems for plant research purposes / manned mission to Mars.




2010 – active


Eurostars project Efficient production of GMO PMP barley (Plant Made Pharmaceuticals): Lumigreen (NO) with ORF Genetics, Iceland, NTNU CiRIS, University of Guelph

Development of LED systems and procedures’ for optimized PMP production in Iceland of GMO barley.




2010 – active

PROSPAWN – EU 7 Project

Juvenile production in 6 new species in European aquaculture; Akvaplan Niva (NO), UoStirling (UK), UoAlgarve (PT), Inst. Aqua Torres Las Sal (ES), Wageningen UN (NL), INTRAVISION aqua (NO), Viking Fish (UK), Machrihanish Marine Far (UK), Mariculture (UK) Merlunor (NO), Norsk Kveite (NO), Fiskey (IS), Solea BV (NL), A. Coelho E Castro (PT).

LED based light systems for control of sexual maturation and spawning in brood-stock.




2010 – active

10 COD

From egg to fillet: Norwegian Research Council project:

INTRAVISION aqua AS with Institute of Marine Research (NO), UoStirling (UK), No Catch (UK).

Narrow bandwidth light systems in aquaculture, CCL and HCL light technology.




2005 – 2009


EU-6th framework project: Suppressing sexual maturation on cod in the ongrowing phase. MATIS (IS), Institute of Marine Research (NO), UoStirling (UK), No Catch (UK).

Narrow bandwidth light systems in aquaculture, CCL, HCL and LED light technologies.




2004 – active


A project between Intravision (NO), Philips Lumileds, (NL) and Future Electronics (SE),
with Pennsylvania State University (US) and Soil and Turf Research Institute (UK)

LED based growth system for high quality turfgrass for sport purposes like golf and football. (Lumigreen AS)




2001 – 2004


Norwegian Research Council funded; Photosynthesis Bioreactor for production of micro-algae. Intravision with NTNU Biology  and SINTEF Industrial Biotechnology.

Photosynthesis’ Bioreactor for production of micro algae, and Astaxanthin from micro algae.




1998 – 1999


Self sufficient hotel concept on glacier in Appusit Greenland, Intravision with NTNU Energy and Environmental Engineering, for adventure company customer in Greenland.





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