Narrow Bandwidth Light in Biology and Biotechnology


Previous to year 2000, very little work had  been done on narrow bandwidth lights within the areas of biology and biotechnology. We therefore screened leading research institutes and universities working with lights, and established strategic cooperations with some of these leading groups:

Sport Turfgrass growth systems

Lead by Professor Andy McNitt,

Pennsylvania State University, USA.
(from 2007)

Horticultural production systems

Lead by Professor Mike Dixon,
Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility (CESRF),
University of Guelph, Canada.
(from 2010)


Lead by Professor Herve Migaud,
University of Stirling, Scotland.

(from 2001)

Microalgae Production

Lead Dr. Trond Ellingsen,
SINTEF Materials and Chemistry,

Industrial Biotechnology, Norway.
(from 2002)

The research and work executed during the last decade has in a large degree been project oriented, and done as part of large international research consortiums. Projects have been partially funded by the Norwegian Research Council, Innovation Norway, EU-6th and EU-7th framework projects, EUREKA and EUROSTARS, and by the Canadian Space Agency.


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