About Lumigreen


New knowledge and new technologies based on innovation and research on biological applications of narrow bandwidth and colored light. Lumigreen AS develop light technology and light systems within the following technology areas:


LED light systems for biology applications

Horticultural applications in cooperation with CERSF University of Guelph in Canada

Turf grass growth systems in cooperation with Pennsylvania State University in USA

Light systems for aquaculture in cooperation with Stirling University in Scotland UK.

Light systems for poultry in cooperation with University of Guelph in Canada


Neon and Cold Cathode Light tube systems

For art and architectural applications in cooperation with Chinese production partner.


Tailored LED screen systems for both indoor and outdoor applications

In cooperation with leading Chinese producers






The privately owned research companies Lumigreen and Intravision were established in 1998 in aiming to explore new commercial applications of colored lights. The initial technology platform was based on Cold Cathode Light-tubes and electronics, but with the establishment of Eureka research cooperation with Lumileds Lighting (today Philips Lumileds) in 2004, the technology focus gradually shifted towards LEDs.


From 2000 the research and technological development were structured with

Intravision Group as the mother company with 5 subsidiaries:


Colored or Narrow Bandwidth light for applications within biology and biotechnology.

          1. Intravision Aqua AS – Light systems for aquaculture.

          2. Lumigreen AS – Turfgrass growth technology.

          3. Promar AS – (Biotech) UVA- and Blue-light sunscreen produced via GMO Bacteria.

          4. Promar Aqua AS – (Biotech) Natural Astaxanthin produced via microalgae.


Computer controlled color-mixing systems for applications within art and architecture.

          5. Intravision system AS – Computer controlled color light systems.


In 2013 the owners of Intravision Group decided to end cooperation and split the companies in two separate structures.


Lumigreen is commercializing and furthering the research of the light technologies from the former Intravision Group company structure.



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   Phone: +47 920 22 201

   E-Mail: info@ lumigreen.com